Detect quality defects
at their source.

Inspector Application

AI-Powered Visual Inspection

No more customer complaints or expensive rework. The Inspector application detects quality defects with more than 99% accuracy.

Instead of relying on complex data science “toolboxes”, the Inspector application can be used without any coding skills. This enables your manufacturing staff to automate visual quality inspections in hours instead of weeks.

The Inspector application only learns from defect-free images, which eliminates the need for time-consuming data labeling. Thanks to this approach manufacturers can detect any quality defect—even those that never occurred before.



How it works



The Inspector application integrates with any camera system and can be deployed both at the edge or in the cloud.


Data Management

The Inspector application can be used, maintained, and deployed without any background in data science. Thanks to intuitive user interfaces your manufacturing staff can implement state-of-the-art AI without writing a single line of code.


Vision AI

Conventional inspection systems require thousands of product images to be trained. In contrast, the Inspector application achieves state-of-the-art performance by only learning from 30-50 defect-free product images.



AI can only unfold its full potential when it is trusted. Therefore, the Inspector application explains its outputs by providing operators with defect visualizations.