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Launch of EthonAI’s Manufacturing Analytics System

June 7, 2024

EthonAI has officially launched its Manufacturing Analytics System (MAS). Major media outlets, including Reuters, Forbes, and Manager Magazin, featured this significant milestone.

The concept of the MAS was introduced in a scholarly paper authored by Julian Senoner, Bernhard Kratzwald, Roland Philippsen, and Torbjørn Netland. The MAS has emerged from years of dedicated research, and has been brought to production by EthonAI’s team. Now, it is a well supported and ready-to-use software system, directly available for the broader industry.

The MAS is a suite of interoperating software applications designed to tackle the most challenging problems manufacturers face today. It helps manufacturers achieve operational excellence across various use-cases, including quality control, root cause analysis, and material flow analysis. MAS integrates data from multiple sources using advanced AI models to provide real-time insights on how to effectively tackle quality problems and process inefficiencies. Adopters of the MAS have reported reducing waste by over 50%.

With the MAS, EthonAI sets a new standard in manufacturing analytics. It provides actionable insights that help companies make data-driven decisions and achieve higher productivity levels. To experience how the MAS can transform your operational excellence programs, book a demo with our team.