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Miner: The new standard in material flow analysis

March 15, 2024

Announcing the EthonAI Miner, a process mining tool for digital material flow analysis.

Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve throughput. The key challenges include identifying bottlenecks, reducing process variation, and eliminating non-value-adding activities. Traditional methods for analyzing these roadblocks often fall short because they only offer a static view of manufacturing processes. To address this issue, we built the EthonAI Miner, our newest software tool to dynamically analyze manufacturing material flows.

The Miner software tailors advanced process mining approaches for material flows. In just a few clicks, the Miner software creates digital Value Stream Maps, which enable a more effective utilization of production resources and a reduction of excess inventory. And thanks to its capability of real-time integration with event logs, you gain up-to-date insights into dynamically changing process inefficiencies, and quickly spot opportunities for continuous throughput improvement.


  • Unlike static methods like Value Stream Mapping (VSM), the Miner software captures dynamic changes in process flows. It offers real-time views of material flows.
  • The Miner software helps manufacturers pinpoint bottlenecks through detailed replay of trace data.
  • By tracking inventory levels before and after each production step, the Miner software helps optimize resource allocation and minimize excess inventory.
  • The tool proactively checks for deviations from intended process flows, offering valuable insights to align actual with designed processes.

The EthonAI Miner represents a significant leap forward in material flow analysis. It brings an entirely new approach to traditional value stream analysis by offering a dynamic view of process flows in manufacturing. To experience how Miner software can transform your material flow analysis, book a demo with our team.