Process Guard

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Process Monitoring

AI-powered software for statistical process control

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Your production data at your fingertips

Gain full transparency of your process parameters. Our Process Guard software combines all your production data in one place and enables your process engineers to monitor process behavior in real-time. Our AI tools give you proactive warnings when your processes run out of control.


No Code

Unlock the benefit of cutting-edge AI without requiring coding skills; your process experts can focus on gaining insights and devising process improvements for your production lines.

Multivariate Analysis

Bring statistical process control into the digital age; our AI tools can monitor hundreds of process parameters at the same time.

Proactive Alarms

Detect unusual process behavior; get notifications of anomalous process parameters before it is too late.


Process monitoring has never been easier


Quality Control

Our Process Guard software brings transparency to your production line data. It is easy to use, can be extended with custom visualizations beyond timeseries charts, and works hand-in-hand with our Problem Solver software to bring cutting-edge AI to process improvement needs. It provides multivariate Statistical Process Control (SPC) to boost insights into quality excursions.

At a glance

  • Makes AI-powered multivariate Statistical Process Control easy to use.
  • Use deeper data insights to make better operational decisions, faster.
  • Use interactive charts to dive deeper into your production line data.


Data Streams

The Process Guard ingests and sanitizes data from multiple production lines, no matter the format of your process and quality measurements. It supports timeseries, event data, and a flexible annotation format. You can quickly get started using individually uploaded spreadsheets, and later build out real-time integrations via our factory-to-cloud API. Our experts provide hands-on support for your journey to full data transparency across all your factories.

At a glance

  • We quickly integrate any data format you may be using.
  • No need to first build a complex data pipeline. Gain insights right away.
  • Works hand-in-hand with our Problem Solver software.


Process Monitoring

The number of factors influencing your quality can be overwhelming. The Process Guard lets you dig into your data with easy-to-use and interactive visualizations. The software enables you to surface just the handful of charts that you really need to see, and build dashboards for line managers to track KPIs and help with operational decisions. Overlay and filter by aspects, such as line stops, machine status codes, product variants, or defect types.

At a glance

  • Clearly show the crucial trends in your production line data.
  • Quick and easy exploration of past and current parameters and quality metrics.
  • Communicate your findings effectively across stakeholders.


Multivariate SPC

Keep track of all of your parameters at once and get alerted whenever a combination of them gets out of range. With the Process Guard, you can build factory operations that avoid the guesswork from looking only at individual SPC charts. Instead, use the latest AI methods to effectively navigate multi-dimensional parameter spaces.

At a glance

  • Summarizes complex parameter interactions in easily digested charts.
  • Makes cutting-edge AI easy to use for daily operations of your production lines.
  • Quickly train the system from examples of good production runs, and let it handle the rest.

Selected Use Cases

Leading manufacturers trust our software


Food production

  • Increase process transparency in food production.
  • Cross-factory comparisons of quality and process parameters.
  • Streamline decision-making on the factory floor.


  • Detect excursions in medicine production.
  • Monitor complex and hard-to-control processes.
  • Avoid extreme outliers and the long tail of yield distribution.


  • Early warnings for anomalous process behavior in plastics production.
  • Multivariate monitoring of machine parameters.
  • Collect alerts in unified dashboard.