Identify the hidden causes
of quality losses.


Problem Solver Application

AI-Powered Root Cause Analysis

Switch from reactive to proactive quality management. The Problem Solver application enables your manufacturing staff to identify and eliminate the sources of quality variation.

Unlike traditional statistical process control, the Problem Solver application uses state-of-the-art AI to model the physical relationships in your manufacturing processes.

Using data from multiple sources, the Problem Solver application provides process engineers with proactive recommendations on how to adjust production parameters to prevent quality losses from happening in the first place.


How it works


Quality Control

The Problem Solver application can interpret a high variety of data formats to identify the hidden root causes of your quality losses. Your quality output may be represented as product images (for example, surface damages), categorical variables (for example, pass/fail), or numerical variables (for example, yield).


Data Streams

The Problem Solver application analyzes production data from your entire production system to identify the process steps that have the largest improvement potential.


Root Cause AI

The Problem Solver application uses state-of-the-art AI to provide insights that go far beyond simple linear correlations. With our application you can even recognize complex interaction effects between production parameters.



The Problem Solver application provides manufacturers with real-time recommendations on how to prevent quality losses.