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Process Exploration

Custom data analysis and visualization

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10x your data science

Focus on high-impact analysis without the hassle of fragmented files. The Console provides a scripting environment with direct access to your cleaned and contextualized production data. Built on the widely-used Jupyter platform, it enables collaborative workflows to easily create custom analyses and visualizations.

An illustration of using the EthonAI Console to produce a runchart, similar to what is shown in the Observer but fully customizable via scripting

Low Code Integration

Use Python or R to freely explore and analyze data on the EthonAI Platform.

Clean Data

Focus on generating insights rather than wrestling with fragmented or inconsistent data.

Powerful Synergies

Combine the power of our AI tools with the expertise of your engineers and data scientists


Data exploration has never been easier

A diagram of a production line, showing where the EthonAI Console fits in the workflow of process experts and data scientists

Streamlined analysis with Jupyter

Effortlessly tap into your contextualized production data using our Jupyter-powered console. Whether you are using Python or R, you can access a rich array of data with just one line of code. Spend less time gathering data from disparate sources and more time deriving valuable insights.

At a glance

  • Use Python or R on the Jupyter platform for customized analytics.
  • A powerful API to access your production data with just one line of code.
  • Focus more on value-adding analysis, less on wrangling fragmented files.

A Console script showing a run chart and an associated quality inspection image taken from the production line

Skill meets scale

Complement the insights from our Inspector and Analyst software tools by adding a layer of human expertise. With the Console, you can integrate your domain knowledge to delve deeper into custom analyses tailored to your day-to-day manufacturing challenges. Use our pre-built libraries to swiftly access process parameters and quality metrics, then leverage your unique expertise to elevate your process performance.

At a glance

  • Augment AI-driven insights with your domain expertise.
  • Delve deeper into quality metrics and manufacturing processes.
  • Apply combined knowledge for targeted quality improvement.

An illustration of collaborative work features in the EthonAI Console software

Collaborate in the cloud

The Console is built for collaboration, enabling you to work seamlessly with your team in a single notebook. Stop the tedious back-and-forth of emailing ZIP files, spreadsheets, and brittle scripts. Focus instead on joint problem-solving and automating repetitive workflows.

At a glance

  • Easy to use for beginners, powerful in the hands of experts.
  • Stop emailing files; collaborate in one notebook.
  • Engage in joint problem-solving and automate repetitive tasks.

Selected Use Cases

Leading manufacturers trust our software

Close-up of conveyor line s equipment ,making little identical cakes from raw dough. They lie on the black dish on the conveyor line in the bakery.

Food Industry

  • A European food producer faced waste from a combination of unsatisfactory yield and excessive rework. Disjoint and incomplete data sources were additional obstacles in the identification of root causes.
  • Working with the EthonAI Quality Platform, in tandem with our Analyst software, the Console makes it easy to automate status updates to upper management and to explore the cleaned data in additional ways.
  • The Console software has streamlined their management and production engineering workflows.
A gloved hand holding a microchip


  • Identifying the sources of yield problems can be very challenging to pinpoint with traditional Root Cause Analysis (RCA).
  • In addition to using EthonAI's RCA technology across varied data sources, data scientists can use our Console software to create custom visualizations for complex interaction effects between production equipments.
  • These insights are crucial for reducing scrap rate to levels required for the business success of existing and novel chip designs.
Electric vehicle lithium NMC battery. Electric car battery. Lithium-ion cell pack. Lithium NMC rechargeable battery. EV car energy storage. High voltage electric vehicle batteries. Automotive battery.

Battery Production

  • Battery manufacturers face quality and yield hurdles due to highly heterogeneous types of root causes among 20 or more quality criteria.
  • Based on the data uploaded to the EthonAI Quality Platform, our Console software allows experts to dig even deeper into physical relationships unearthed by our Analyst software.
  • The cutting-edge casual AI algorithms in the Analyst software identify complex webs of root cause chains, all the way from suppliers to the final check after battery assembly.