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Stop guessing, start improving

Your continuous improvement efforts are only as effective as the analysis that triggered them. The Analyst software supports your process engineers in identifying causes for production losses amongst thousands of process parameters. Instead of reacting to problems, the Analyst enables you to prevent them from happening in the first place.


No Code

Unlock the benefit of cutting-edge AI without requiring coding skills. Your process experts can focus on gaining insights and devising process improvements for your production lines.

Unhide Relationships

Use state-of-the-art AI that is designed to imitate real-world manufacturing processes. Our software identifies hidden and complex relationships that you were not aware of.

Causal AI

Move beyond correlation analysis to gain actionable insights. Incorporate your domain expertise to resolve the root causes of production losses, thanks to breakthroughs in causal AI.


Root cause analysis has never been easier


Combine process data and outcomes

Combine a diverse range of data to create a comprehensive picture of your production processes. The Analyst software understands production-specific data types out of the box, from machine setpoints, sensor readings, and line stops to annotated quality metrics. Start easily with spreadsheet uploads and scale effortlessly with automatic data connections for real-time insights.

At a glance

  • Interpret multiple forms of process data: physical parameters, sensor time series, routing information, and more.
  • Understands all your process KPIs, such as quality metrics, downtime, and process performance.
  • Quality metrics can be product images (e.g., surface damages), categorical variables (e.g., pass/fail), or numerical variables (e.g., yield).


Insights at your fingertips

The Analyst software offers real-time monitoring of process parameters and KPIs in the cloud. Easily dig into your data with interactive visualizations, build custom dashboards for line managers, and track KPIs for quick decision-making. Surface only the key information you need and filter by specific elements like line stops, product variants, or machine status codes.

At a glance

  • Real-time oversight of a wide range of process parameters and KPIs.
  • Build your own fully customizable dashboards for quick decision-making.
  • Interactive visualizations and granular filtering options enable a focused view.


Causal AI analysis

Go beyond mere correlation with the Analyst’s causal AI capabilities. Conventional machine learning only finds patterns, we take it a step further and uncover root causes that impact your production KPIs. Incorporate your domain expertise into our advanced graph models to accurately pinpoint the issues affecting your bottom line.

At a glance

  • Move beyond correlation. Instead, identify true root causes.
  • Incorporate domain knowledge, such as production flow, into the analysis.
  • Precisely target issues that impact your KPIs, such as quality metrics.


Unparalleled insights

Get more from your production data with insights that truly matter. The Analyst software speeds up your problem-solving routines by finding the needles in your data haystack, including non-linear interaction effects. Our user-friendly visualizations require no expertise in AI to deliver clear results.

At a glance

  • Quickly identify critical non-linear interaction effects and root cause chains.
  • Summary statistics and stackranks offer understandable overviews.
  • No AI expertise needed for interpreting the results.


Virtual design of experiments

Build confidence in potential improvement actions by performing virtual experiments. Use the Analyst’s simulation features to assess what-if scenarios before making changes in your actual production environment. This lets you reduce the real-world experiments needed to find the best parameters settings for process improvement.

At a glance

  • Increase confidence in your analysis results through virtual design of experiments.
  • Estimate the effect of improvement actions with what-if simulations.
  • Cut down on real-world experiments.

Use Cases

Leading manufacturers trust our software


Food Industry

  • A European food producer faced waste from a combination of unsatisfactory yield and excessive rework. Disjoint and incomplete data sources were additional obstacles in the identification of root causes.
  • Working with the EthonAI Quality Platform, and in particular the Analyst software, the uploaded quality and process data is now unified and readily available for root cause analysis.
  • The Analyst software has helped the company streamline their lean workflows. It is now routinely used to identify and execute improvements in their factories.


  • A leading chip producer faced considerable yield losses for which the underlying mechanisms were unclear, in spite of substantial traditional Root Cause Analysis (RCA) efforts.
  • Using our technology across their large collection of data sources – such as equipment routing, within-process measurements, and batch-level yields – they identified and eliminated key root causes among thousands of parameters.
  • As a result, the scrap rate was reduced by more than 50% for one of their newest chip generations.

Battery Production

  • Battery manufacturers face quality and yield hurdles due to highly heterogeneous types of root causes among 20 or more quality criteria.
  • The EthonAI Analyst can incorporate all these data, for example supplier ids, raw material quality, and in-process data such as welding and buffer times.
  • The cutting-edge casual AI algorithms in the Analyst software identify complex webs of root cause chains, all the way from suppliers to the final check after battery assembly.