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The new standard in

Product Tracking

Streamlined production history for each product unit

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Transparency across factories

Streamline data consolidation from sources like ERP, MES, and Historian. The EthonAI Tracker provides real-time access to the production history of individual product units. Keep track of production orders, fine-grained quality inspection data, and process parameters such as setpoints or inline measurements with ease.

Complete Traceability

See the forest for the trees when assessing performance across production lines.


Eliminate the pain and delay when you need to reconstruct what happened to a particular product unit or batch.


Empower a relentless focus on quality, thanks to seamless integration with the EthonAI suite of software tools for quality management.


Product tracking has never been easier

All relevant data in one platform

Eliminate the complexities of manually merging data from disparate sources like ERP, MES, Historian, and inspection systems. The Tracker software integrates with your existing databases to provide a unified view of process measurements, routing information, quality measurements, and inspection images. Experience game-changing traceability and transparency with a comprehensive digital footprint for each product unit.

At a glance

  • Streamline your workflows by bringing all essential data into one platform.
  • Trace every product unit from manufacturing to delivery.
  • Access quality metrics and process parameters effortlessly.

Built for continuous improvement

Easily access the full production history of each product unit, whether you are searching by serial, batch, or order numbers. The Tracker software tells you when and where each product was processed, and also under what specific conditions. Permanent data storage enables future retrieval for problem-solving and quality improvement.

At a glance

  • Instantly access a product’s production history via serial, batch, or order numbers.
  • Securely store vital information for future analysis.
  • Record field returns and troubleshoot their root causes.

Seamless integration

Enhance the Tracker’s capabilities with seamless integration to our suite of collaborative software tools — Inspector, Analyst, and Console. Replace fragmented quality toolchains with a unified platform that helps you focus relentlessly on quality, and troubleshoot problems more efficiently.

At a glance

  • Feed inspection images and results from the EthonAI Inspector directly into the Tracker software for permanent storage.
  • Integrate seamlessly with the Analyst software to conduct instance-based root cause analysis for low-performing products.
  • Run custom visualizations and analyses on Tracker data using the Jupyter notebooks integrated into the EthonAI Console.

Selected Use Cases

Leading manufacturers trust our software

A gloved hand holding a microchip


  • Semiconductor production frequently involves a combinatorial explosion of possible paths, and dynamic numbers of loops through given process steps.
  • The EthonAI Tracker surfaces bottlenecks and unexpected loops. It clearly shows how wafers are actually flowing through a production facility.
  • Eliminating the bottlenecks and streamlining the buffers and loops in a fab are key to maximizing throughput.
Closeup view of diamonds being processed in an automated fashion

Luxury Industry

  • Manufacturers of high-end mechanical products, for example in the luxury segment, require detailed quality histories of each piece, spanning from supplier intake to shipping.
  • Our Tracker software permanently stores detailed inspection logs, including camera images or any other type of measurement.
  • The EthonAI Tracker ensures swift issue resolution across departments, with suppliers, or with end-customers.
A closeup photo of gears with a shiny metal surface finish

Mechanical Devices

  • High-mix low-volume manufacturing makes it very hard to stay on top of bottlenecks and quality issues.
  • The EthonAI Tracker gets deployed to always have the relevant data at the ready, combining MES, orders, factory-floor measurements, and more.
  • It cuts uncertainty and delays when otherwise disparate information needs to be brought together, such as for urgent operational decisions or longer term production optimization.