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The new standard in

Root Cause Analysis Visual Inspection Material Flow Analysis Process Monitoring Product Tracking Process Exploration

Redefining operational excellence in manufacturing

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The new standard in Manufacturing Analytics

The EthonAI Manufacturing Analytics System is a powerful suite of software tools to achieve operational excellence at scale. Improve product quality and process efficiency with real-time insights from your existing data sources.

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Manufacturing Analytics System

Operational excellence at scale

AI-based analytics tools on top of contextualized manufacturing data from several sources AI-based analytics tools on top of contextualized manufacturing data from several sources


Software tools for OEE improvement

EthonAI Analyst showing a causal graph and barcharts


Our Analyst software identifies complex root causes of production losses among thousands of process parameters.

EthonAI Inspector showing an annotated PCB image


Our Inspector software detects visual defects, from assembly errors to surface imperfections, and easily integrates with any industrial camera.

EthonAI Observer showing KPI boxes and a yield timeseries


Our Observer software combines real-time process monitoring with effective data exploration in one place.

EthonAI Tracker showing a production timeline including inspection images


Our Tracker software streamlines access to each product's production history, including routing information, process data, and individual inspection images.

EthonAI Miner showing a process graph


Our Miner software analyzes material flows with process mining algorithms to automatically identify bottlenecks, process variations, and excess inventory.

EthonAI Console showing custom script with resulting charts


Our Console gives access to a low-code environment for custom data exploration, code execution, and visualizations.


The value of a Manufacturing Analytics System


Combine all relevant production data from disjoint sources into one contextualized format.

AI Workflows

Augment your frontline workers and process experts with cutting-edge AI workflows.


Unlock the benefits of advanced analytics without requiring coding skills.


Reduce human bias and subjectivity to ensure consistent insights across all users.


Boost your team productivity with shared monitors, dashboards, and live analysis results.


Replace fragmented and disconnected legacy programs with an interoperable suite of modern tools.


Plug your existing MES, ERP, Historian, and Quality Systems into an AI-powered analytics layer.


Integrate once; scale effortlessly across your entire organization.


Gain transparency across your factories with a standardized analytical framework.