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The new standard in

Visual Inspection

Automated inspection of assemblies and surfaces

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Detect defects at their source

No more customer complaints or expensive rework. The Inspector software reliably detects subtle surface defects and complex assembly errors. No coding skills are required, allowing your engineers to swiftly and efficiently automate visual inspections in a matter of minutes.

EthonAI Inspector software open on the page that lets you annotate images with regions of interest

No Code

Unlock the benefit of cutting-edge AI even for high-mix low-volume production. Automate visual inspections with unprecedented ease and accuracy.

No Defect Images

Our AI models only need 25-50 defect-free product images to be trained. No need to collect, or even know, defect types upfront.

Immediate Value

Our hardware-agnostic software integrates seamlessly into your factory infrastructure. Unlock productivity gains from day one.


Visual inspection has never been easier

Diagram of a production line, showing which parts connect directly to the EthonAI Inspector software
A diagram indicating that the EthonAI Inspector can work with all kinds of industrial camera

Hardware-agnostic setup

The Inspector software seamlessly integrates with your factory’s image acquisition setup and is compatible with any camera connected to a computer. The software supports applications both on the edge and in the cloud. Manufacturers using the Inspector software have been able to automate visual inspections within the first day of operation.

At a glance

  • Supports all types of industrial cameras, including both color and grayscale.
  • Plug-and-play compatibility with the widespread GenICam standard for quick setup.
  • Supports multi-camera setups and a wide range of resolutions to meet your specific inspection needs.

Showing how easy it is to configure an inspection station from the EthonAI Inspector software

A breeze to use

The Inspector software provides one interface, accessible from anywhere inside your factory, to create, edit, run, and monitor inspection jobs. While conventional inspection systems often require thousands of images or extensive manual configuration, the Inspector software only needs 25-50 training images of defect-free products to reliably detect any type of defect. This ensures rapid time-to-value.

At a glance

  • Customizable inspection types for different use cases.
  • Built-in OCR along with data matrix and QR code reading capabilities.
  • Area-masking feature for high-precision inspections.

Showing how clear it is to see performance KPIs in the EthonAI Inspector, and that the Inspector has very high performance across industrial inspection tasks

Unprecedented performance

The Inspector software can detect both assembly errors (e.g., misplacements, wrong orientations, missing components) and surface defects (e.g., scratches, cracks, dents, and blemishes). It consistently exceeds industrial benchmarks during performance evaluations, and demonstrates exceptional robustness in dynamic settings (e.g., varying lighting conditions). The software is engineered for ongoing improvement through a feedback mechanism, allowing the AI to fine-tune its detection accuracy based on real-world performance.

At a glance

  • Consistently outperforms industry benchmarks for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Robust against challenging environmental conditions.
  • Designed for continuous learning and adaptability.
  • Transparent explanations with visual heatmaps.

A diagram with two integration alternatives for the EthonAI Inspector

Highly flexible

The Inspector software supports both applications on workstations and fully automated lines. It offers a simple and effective API for custom system integration when needed. Users can craft custom workflows for vision jobs and seamlessly integrate with other inspection routines. Additionally, images can be sent directly to the EthonAI Tracker for permanent storage and product traceability.

At a glance

  • Versatile application in fully automated or operator-computer settings.
  • Effective API for custom system integration.
  • Direct integration with Tracker software for transparent quality documentation.

An illustration of the factory frontend for the EthonAI Inspector, showing a warning of failed quality inspection and a heatmap on the inspection image showing clearly where a defect was detected

Optional factory frontend

The Inspector software can be expanded with the EthonAI Factory Frontend that adds decision support right at your inspection stations. This optional feature assists with image acquisition, offers defect visualizations to operators, and allows for the reporting of misclassifications. This not only builds confidence in the AI model but also enables fine-tuning based on shop floor feedback. Integrating the Frontend can reduce setup times to just a few hours, and offers easy compatibility with other hardware.

At a glance

  • Defect visualizations for increased confidence and easier rework.
  • Plug and play hardware integration on the shop floor.
  • Feedback loop for ongoing AI model improvement.

Selected Use Cases

Leading manufacturers trust our software

Assembly Inspection Station with EthonAI

High-Mix Production

  • The ever-growing variety of building products at Siemens Rastatt made it increasingly difficult to scale conventional visual quality inspection systems.
  • They adopted EthonAI's Inspector to check complex assemblies. In addition to vastly quicker inspection job creation, it also provides intuitive visual feedback to operators.
  • With our Inspector software, Siemens Rastatt achieved perfection in 150'000 inspections across 200 product variants.
Photo of a chip being mounted on a PCB in an electronics production line

PCB Assembly

  • A leading electronics manufacturer required a more robust and flexible solution for inspecting PCBs.
  • The EthonAI Inspector easily handles both through-hole (THT) and surface mount (SMD) technologies.
  • In addition to reducing the implementation effort by over 90%, factory workers are now augmented with an intuitive factory frontend.
A closeup photo of gears with a shiny metal surface finish

Surface Inspection

  • A producer of fine mechanics was receiving customer complaints about subtle surface defects.
  • The EthonAI Inspector significantly outperformed competing solutions in performance benchmarks.
  • This producer now ships flawless units and their QA overhead has been significantly reduced as well.