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Console: The new standard in process exploration

September 14, 2023

Announcing the EthonAI Console, a tool for collaborative data science to explore production data in its context.


Over the years, many manufacturers told us about their struggles with fragmented data files that are scattered around various data sources (MES, ERP, etc.). Today we are announcing the EthonAI Console, a scripting environment with direct access to your cleaned and contextualized production data. 

Built on the widely-used Jupyter platform, the Console enables collaborative workflows to easily create custom data analyses and visualizations. With comprehensive support for both Python and R, the Console stands out as a versatile tool. It ensures efficient data exploration, and empowers professionals to combine their domain expertise with AI-driven insights from other tools in our offering.



  • The Console provides streamlined access to contextualized production data.
  • It offers scripting in both Python and R through its direct integration with the Jupyter platform.
  • It enables experts to create easily shared custom queries, analyses, and reports.
  • A key advantage of using the Console comes from prioritizing easy collaboration. This allows multidisciplinary teams to work cohesively within a singular notebook environment.


With the launch of our Console tool, we are taking a significant step in merging fragmented manufacturing data with modern data science practices. Simple to use yet powerful, it was crafted for those aiming to achieve operational excellence at scale. To experience how the Console can support your data science workflows, simply book a demo with our team.